Athlete Testimonials

"Leigh-Ann Is very knowledgeable in all the different aspects of multisport racing-training, nutrition, rest, mental stamina and racing strategies.  She also understands that people have jobs/family/other commitments and is great at working on a plan that allows you to incorporate training into the rest of your life.  She is great at getting back to you and does a fantastic job with communication! I have seen great results from following her plans and advice."-Sandy Kritzinger

"Leigh-Ann continues to help me exceed my goals while finding the right balance with work and family. I'm amazed at the improvements I've seen and continue to see with her coaching!"-Mike Starkey

"Leigh-Ann certainly knows her stuff when it comes to endurance racing.  But what really makes her great (and for me, a perfect fit for a coach) is her balanced approach. While she understands the ins and outs of the physical aspects of training and racing, she's even more tuned into the mental and emotional challenges as well. And how to have a grounded, realistic perspective that takes into account the big picture. With Leigh-Ann, I've always been able to achieve positive results and hit my goals, while at the same time staying healthy physically and maintaining a healthy home/work/personal life. Her approach and expertise is proven from beginners to Kona and Boston qualifiers and anyone in between."-Ryan Werner

"Leigh-Ann has been my Ironman coach for the past two years. Not only has she gotten me to the start line feeling physically and mentally ready..She has coached me through and event I never thought I could accomplish.  To complete an Ironman Leigh-Ann has reinforced the importance of not only physical strength, but mental and nutritional strength as well. Her extensive knowledge of athlete nutrition has been unmatched.  Leigh-Ann understands the delicate balance between family, careers and training.The custom plan she develops has always accommodated my schedule. She is diligent with following my progress and setting challenging yet appropriate goals each week.  Her experience with completing her own Ironman events and with coaching numerous athletes across the finish line has contributed to her detailed and successful coaching style!"-Rita Aldridge

"I came into the sport of triathlon with a ton of energy but no plan. Leigh-Ann provides the road map and encouragement to find new levels of fitness and focus you did not have before. I would not be the athlete I am without her advice, direction and friendship."

-Tim Ferguson