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Here are a few benefits of hiring an experienced coach:


Organize Your Training Schedule
Achieving race goals while meeting life's demands requires finesse. Our coaches can help you balance your training with your work, travel, social and family commitments.

Provide Guidance For Training and Race Day
A good coach can get you through your first race successfully, or help you establish a PR. Our experienced coaches create workouts designed to mimic the demands and conditions that you will meet on race day and work with you to devise a detailed plan for how to approach your big day. They'll give you pacing guidelines, mental tools, fueling strategies, plans for dealing with mishaps and will even help with gear selection and organization. You'll start your race knowing that you are prepared with a plan that you've practiced in training.

Great coaches keep their athletes focused and inspired through the inevitable low points of endurance training. Our coaches are some of the most supportive that you will find.

Injury Prevention
An endurance athlete can prevent common overuse injuries with an efficient plan that eliminates junk mileage. Our coaches take into account the time that you have available to train and the time that you have available to recover. We structure your training plan around those limits. We give you several key workouts each week and balance those with lower intensity supporting sessions and recovery blocks so that you are able to maintain consistency over a long period of time.

Refine Your Technique
Triathlon is a technique driven sport. Our coaches can analyze and improve your swim stroke, evaluate and refine your cycling position and skills, and boost your run economy.

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